An Overview of the SMS Casino

An Overview of the SMS Casino

The modern online casino landscape offers many interesting and diverse ways for players to enjoy some casino games from either your desktop or mobile device. We love playing casino games on a variety of platforms but this week we thought we would take a look at the SMS casino and the range of features that are available when you play on these types of sites. The SMS casino is more popular than ever due to the excellent benefits offered to players who choose to play on these types of sites so what exactly can you expect from an SMS casino?

SMS Casino Features & Benefits

The SMS casino is basically the name used to describe an online casino whereby you can make deposits and payments using the SMS service from your mobile phone. The primary advantage of this is that an SMS casino offers an alternative to using your phone to make the payment and as result, eliminates the need to enter personal debit or credit card details onto the site. The main reason for this is additional security as player’s details cannot be compromised due to the fact that they are not required to make the deposit.
To make an SMS casino payment you typically only need the phone number of the phone you wish to use. The outstanding balance is charged directly to your next phone bill and players will often have to confirm the payment by replying to the text message. Convenience is the name of the game and there are some excellent games available on the majority of SMS casino sites and more and more sites are now accepting SMS payments so there really are plenty of sites to choose from each with their own benefits and unique features.

SMS Casino Range of Games

Whether you are a blackjack or slots player, there will be something for everyone to enjoy on the standard SMS casino so what games should you play? Slots are usually always offered on an SMS casino and on a lot of sites these can be played for free before being played for real cash. Slots can in many shapes and sizes including three reel and five reel varieties so the choice is yours in terms of what you want to play. Some games are more complicated than others and offer different betting options and bonus features.
The welcome offer and promotions should also be considered as these can help you get more for your money straight from the off on an SMS casino and a lot of sites will offer bonus funds as a way of enticing new players into joining the site. Try and find an SMS casino that offers you over 200% in bonus funds as this will give you plenty of bonus cash to enjoy. You can then use this bonus cash to try out a range of games that are listed on the site and hopefully win some real cash in the process.

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