Casino Chips Strategy That Will Almost Always Win On Online Roulette

Casino Chips Strategy That Will Almost Always Win On Online Roulette

casino chips strategyRoulette is a game of luck, but it doesn’t mean that your winning chances are the same regardless of how you play. There are certain strategies that will make you win more often. We’re not telling that it’s possible to guarantee a win on online roulette. However, playing smart pays in the long run. So, if you’re ever going to play roulette at an online casino again, employ the casino chips strategy if you want to increase your winnings.

While easy to learn, online roulette is tricky, if not impossible, to master. That’s because the betting possibilities are seemingly endless. You have casino chips of various colours, each representing a different amount of cash. You can play them in any way you like and place them in any way you want to as there are way more possible bet combinations than the number of slots on a roulette wheel.

In this post, we will reveal the casino chips strategy that we’ve seen seasoned roulette players use time and time again. Learn how to multiply your casino chip stacks and turn them into cash right below!


Casino Chips Strategy: Placing Your Bets

placing casino chips strategy roulettePlacing your bets on online roulette comes down to your own willingness to risk. Each bet, if it’s correct, returns an amount that’s proportional to its hit chance. But thinking that the odd, even or any other bet that pays out 1:1 has a hit chance of 50% is a misconception. Even theoretically, no such bets will come every other time. That’s because there are the zero and, in American roulette, double zero slots, on the wheel, which aren’t covered by any 1:1 bets.

In other words, you will inevitably lose your money to the house in the long run. To minimise the risk of losing, however, you can try to cover more than half of the betting table. By placing your casino chips outside as well as inside the table you will win more often than you lose. The key here is to plan your bets efficiently.

For example, placing a 6-line bet is more efficient than placing six straights on the same numbers, even if you use the same amount of chips. Straight bets don’t really work at all unless you only bet on a single number. So, if you want to cover more than just a few roulette slots, stick to the outside bets or squares and 6-lines. You’ll objectively lose less with this casino chips strategy.

Rookies tend to forget this way too often, but the less losing bets you make, the more casino chips remain in your possession. What’s the use of a 35x win when you lose a third of it because the ball didn’t land on the other 10 fields that you just bet on?


Using Low And High-Value Chips

casino chips valueThe strategy of lowering or raising your bets is a whole different story. A good casino chips strategy is, first of all, not to get carried away. Always bet as much as you’re ready to lose, but never more. With that out of the way, let’s get to the different casino chips of various values.

If you’re not sure how much you should bet, it’s probably the minimum bet. Starting off low will give you an opportunity to warm up before you burn through your stack of chips. Learn the intricacies of your chosen online roulette game before you put all that you have on stake. While the differences of online roulette games are often minimal, some things, such as ‘la partage’ rule, aren’t universally present.

It also makes sense to use chips of lower value for risky bets and vice-versa. If you manage to win on a straight bet, you’ll get a significant return anyway. On the other hand, placing a black chip on a straight might be tempting, but it’s a bad idea. The chances are so slim that you’ll end up dry very soon.

So, save your high-value chips for low-risk bets. Succeeding one or two high bets will return enough to last you dozens of low bet rounds and extend your playing time. And if that doesn’t work out, try a casino chips strategy that’s been successfully exploited by many online casino players.


Popular Roulette Betting Strategies

roulette betting system strategyAs with all things roulette, no popular strategy guarantees a win. While many players manage to cash out more than they cash in, every now and again someone will lose. So, don’t blindly count on them and approach each game with awareness and flexibility.

Probably the most popular casino chips strategy that dictates what the specific bets and bet sizes should be is The Martingale strategy. You start off by placing a minimum bet on any field that offers a 1:1 payout. It’s might be any colour, an odd/even or low/high number.

If you win – well done. If you lose, place twice as much on the same field. Every time you lose, double your bet. This way, even if you lose five times in a row, the sixth time you’ll win more than you lost during all the previous rounds. The downside here is that every time you win, you only win the minimum bet. However, it’s still much better than losing.

The Fibonacci strategy also requires you to place a minimum bet that offers a 1:1 payout. If you lose, place the same bet. If you lose again, add up the two previous bets and place the same amount. If you started from 1, your third bet should be 2. Your fourth bet should be 3 (2 + 1) and your fifth should be 5 (3 + 2).

When you win, take two steps down the scale. So, if you won on a bet of 5, your next bet should be 2. Using this strategy, you’ll regain more than you lose, even if you lost more rounds than you won. However, these strategies might become a little boring. They restrict any bets outside of the system which only includes 1:1 bets. And roulette isn’t a game that’s played mechanically — you should be having fun!

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