Everything You Need To Know About Online Casino Chips For Slots

Everything You Need To Know About Online Casino Chips For Slots

online casino chipsOnline casinos which primarily support table and live casino games deal in one currency: casino chips. Online casino chips are needed to play any of the games at online casinos, where players can spend them on table games like baccarat, blackjack, roulette, poker and every other form of table game you can think of. Yet, some online casinos also use online casino chips as their currency for slots.

This might seem unusual, since slots don’t usually use casino chips, but once you’ve used them a few times, you start to see why online casino chips for slots are one of the simplest and clear-cut ways that players can enjoy spins on their online slot games. In this guide, we’ll look into everything you need to know about online casino chips for slots and how you can even go about getting some free online casino chips to play on your slots.


Why Online Casino Chips For Slots Make Sense

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Online casino chips are a simple way for players to place bets on slots. Imagine how much more annoying table games would be if you had to select specific amounts each time you wanted to place a wager. Selecting pre-set chips is the quickest way that you can make sure each hand passes quickly, so you can focus on your strategy and not on managing every single penny.

Online slots have this exact problem. There’s so many minor ways to tweak how much you’re betting, with your bet value and coin value, that you can spend a long not just placing your wagers, but also trying to work out how much your wager is even going to be when you change a setting. Wagering on slots has become inflated and casino chips take out all that busy body work by giving you set values that you can bet right away and get back into the game.

The clear value that each casino chip offers becomes incredibly useful when it comes to free spins or free goes. Most, if not all online casinos offer free spins in some form for their online slots. This is always great news, but it can often be tricky to know just how valuable a free spin actually is.

When you spin a slot, you have to place a wager and nothing about a free spin gives you any indication about how much of a wager you’re placing. A free spin can be anything from a single penny, all the way hundreds of pounds — it’s completely up to the online casino what they’re willing to give away.

Online casino chips have an inbuilt value to them. If you get 10 casino chips, which are each worth £1, then you know you have 10 free spins with a wager value of £1 each. Online casino chips for slots make free spins so much easier. That’s because the casino can list what players are getting without them having to sift through lots of bonus terms and conditions to find out what reward they’re getting.


Slot Games Within Casino Table Games

blackjack slot gameOutside of traditional slot games, there are several casino table games, which have been requiring players to bet using online casino chips for years already. In the battle to shake up table games and give them a fresh coat of paint, game developers have been adding everything from a new look to additional game modes in order to re-invent casino classics.

Several table games now come with additional bonus modes, with some having an extra slot game built in. This slot game can be activated in several ways. In roulette, there might be an extra indent on the wheel, which when landed on, will give you a spin on a slot, to earn some extra cash. Certain blackjack games, which come with an extra slot game will let you have a spin on a slot if you win with a blackjack.

What you win on these slot games is based on your initial wager. Of course, in effect, this means that you’re betting on a slot using casino chips. If you were ever a skeptic of using casino chips with a slot game, then these table games with additional slot bonus features are the perfect way to get used to the feature. You’ll quickly see just how well online casino chips for slots work and then you can start earning casino chips for yourself to play on a whole range of slot games.


How To Get Free Online Casino Chips For Slots

online casino chips promotionIf you want some online casino chips for slots, then luckily for you, online casinos are more than happy enough to give them to you. Promotions and bonuses are the heart and soul of a good online casino. Online casinos which stick around, know that the reason players continue to support them is because they reward players for their loyalty.

Online casino chips can be found as part of promotions and bonuses. The best way to track down online casino chips for slots is to check out the promotions page of online casinos and see what they have to offer to you. Many online casinos also offer free online casino chips that you can play on slots as part of a no deposit bonus. Casinos that have no deposit bonuses will advertise from the moment you load up their casino site, so you won’t have to spend long on each casino to see what they have to offer. 

On top of that, there’s no risk to you, since you can sign into a casino and receive a no deposit bonus of free online casino chips for slots right away. Online casino chips for slots will always be playable on the most popular slots from big name developers like NetEnt, Quickspin, Play’n Go and Microgaming. Finding free online casino chips for slots is simple to do and you can always open multiple casino accounts, so you can have circle of rewards coming from every one of your online casino hangouts.

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